In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, our team remains committed to making an Impact: in our Houston community. This city is our home, not only for our business, but also for our families, friends, and neighbors. In the days and months to come we at Forney know no better way than to help rebuild, and we are humbled by the immediate response of individual employees who truly embody the spirit and values of our company.

Forney Project Coordinator Sarah Jane Moerbe initially jumped to action by preparing NRG for thousands of displaced Houstonians and sorting through masses of donations. After the storm settled, she worked to begin renovations at affected sites and sent supplies to her hometown of Orange, TX. Pictured is Sarah Jane alongside another member of the Forney Family, Mackenzie Bateman, working at Forney Superintendent Greg White’s affected home. Sarah Jane describes her experience:

“Although each day held a different experience, Impact:ed a different person, and held different obstacles, there were many things that were undeniably similar: The devastation and need of the people we were able to serve each day was great, but even greater was their hope and joy from being cared for and witnessing the beginning of restoration.”